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International Entrance Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Revolving Door Company that focuses on the unique access control and security requirements of corporate and government facilities.  International Entrance Control offers each and every one of our customers quintessential product and service.

International Entrance Control offers a complete line of revolving doors for all applications, including security revolving doors, automatic revolving doors and manual revolving doors.  We also offer a line of interior turnstiles and swing gates to provide a total solution for traffic entrance control.

With the background and experience of International Revolving Doors dating back to 1886, International Entrance Control can provide any need for revolving doors along with our turnstiles and swing gates  to provide a complete entrance control solution to virtually any type of facility.

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(International Entrance Control is a wholly owned
subsidiary of International Revolving Door Company)

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 Revolving Door Systems:
Security Revolving Doors - Designed for access control purposes, the Phoenix line of revolving doors are implemented to provide control to environments that require access control from personnel or non-faculty from breaching corporate and government facilities.  For the highest level of access control, the Phoenix line of four-wing revolving doors and three-wing one-way security revolving doors can provide unmatched access to your facility by one at a time access control to validated users only. Designed for pedestrian access control, the Phoenix revolving door is the safest, most secure revolving door available today.

Automatic Revolving Doors - The Jupiter, Titan and Saturn lines of revolving doors are designed by International’s engineers using today’s most advanced technology. Designed for safety with spacious elegance in mind, our revolving doors utilize state-of-the-art sensor and drive technology to provide the world’s safest revolving door entrance systems.

Manual Revolving Doors - The Saturn series of revolving doors by International are found in many unique places around the world.  Our revolving doors can be found in nearly every large air-supported dome, in coal mine shafts 3,000 feet below the earth’s surface, within virtually all US nuclear submarines and battleships, and in most major high rise buildings.  Revolving doors by International are designed to provide years of high throughput use with low maintenance.  Our Comet style doors are designed to provide an all glass entrance to provide an elegant appearance.

Access Control Turnstiles:
SpinStile Turnstiles and SwingStile Swing Gates are designed for every day use in corporate lobby environments with high traffic requirements.  Our turnstiles and gates provide a solution intended to be used with access control systems, and in conjunction with a receptionist having the ability to grant individual access as needed.  When used together, the SwingStile and SpinStile turnstiles are designed to prevent tailgating, while allowing the ability for handicap entrance and egress at the same time.

Revolving doors by International are available in stainless steel, painted aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass and wood.  All revolving doors and turnstiles manufactured by International Entrance Control are designed to easily integrate with new and existing access control devices and systems.

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