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International Revolving Door provides entrance solutions for all entryways through our unique classes of revolving doors. Please select a product category to learn more.

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Attention to Detail

Our artisan craftsmen will construct your custom designed door to the highest quality standard in the industry. To ensure optimum fit and performance, we assemble, test, and adjust all of our products before shipment.

Longest Lasting

Our steel and bronze doors consist of 16 gauge metal cladding over a stainless steel frame for both our wings and walls. This robust engineering guarantees better protection from both weathering and warping. Our speed control and other mechanical components are superior to the competition, making them the longest lasting in the industry. Our aluminum doors are made of the heaviest gauge extrusions in the industry, and are available in numerous painted and anodized finishes.


User safety is considered first and foremost in the design of all International Revolving Door's products. Protecting your patrons with safe entry and egress is a paramount design consideration, with many safety features designed into our doors.


Revolving doors are the most efficient method of controlling the stack pressure which naturally exists in all tall buildings, while reducing heating and cooling costs. A study by MIT proved swing doors allow up to 8x more airflow compared to revolving doors. Our heavy-duty breakaway hardware also provides the best protection in the industry from unwanted wing releases in strong wind and high-pressure environments. 


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