Saturn Classic Door

The Saturn is International's standard revolving door design. Superb craftsmanship creates a revolving door of enduring quality and aesthetics.


About the Saturn


IRD's Saturn revolving doors are found in many unique places around the world. The most noticeable installations are in large buildings in urban centers while less noticed locations include large sporting venues and caves. We even have doors installed on US nuclear submarines and battleships!

Saturns are available in the following finishes.

Aluminum: Clear Anodized, Class 1 Anodized, Coatings

Stainless Steel: #4 Satin, #6 Satin, #8 Polished Directional, #8 Mirror

Bronze: #4 Satin, #4 Statuary, #6 Satin, #8 Mirror

The Saturn is also available as an automatic door with diameters of up to 11'11".