Here at IRD we take great pride in our reputation as a dependable revolving door manufacturer.

"Recently we had [our] glass revolving door...repaired. The glass side panels were cracking due to vibrations from the... trains. IRD re-engineered the door and it now looks terrific. This is a small company with a lot of passion for what they do. They work across the country. I highly recommend them for any work at other... property."

-Kal Hassan, ABC 7 Chicago

"Please accept a testimony of my belief in [this] company and the ability of IRD to deliver a quality, American designed and built product... After researching and viewing the handful of other revolving security door companies and products in the very small group of providers, IRD stands as the leader of the industry... I was able to see all three companies’ doors in pieces and was able to witness that IRD doors are built to a higher standard with sturdier materials and overall design. I highly recommend IRD security revolving doors and in my opinion the best and most durable in the industry."

-Robert A Johnson

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